When: 1969Edit

Number of players: 2+Edit

Main items used: a tennis ball or a stone and a wall and a flat playing area.Edit

Playing area:  A 'spot' was marked about six feet from a wall and a goal about 3 feet wide was marked at the foot of the wall. The goal had no height marked.Edit

Object of the game: This game was a popular knockout game. The aim was to kick the 'ball' between the limits of the goal from whereever it came to rest. The first player placed the ball on the spot and started the game by kicking it between the 'goalposts' so that it rebounds down the playground. The second player kicks the ball from where it stops trying to get it to bounce between the posts. If you missed you were out and the ball was placed back on the spot for the next player. Players' turns cycled round until only one player (the winner) was left in the game.Edit

Tactics: Kick it hard but be accurately, create acute angles for the next player.Edit

Variants: (with a tennis ball) you were allowed to stop the ball once it had passed the 'spot'.Edit

Memory: I broke a window at school kicking the ball as my shoe sailed off my foot and through a classroom window. There was no running away as my shoe was in the classroom and I was left with only one shoe!Edit

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