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We have all played games in the playground with our friends. Some may be long forgotten and some remembered as clearly as if ithey were played only yesterday. Some of these games have persisted and some have been lost in the mists of time. They may have reflected our sporting ambitions, our oral histories, a need to make and affirm friendships, a way to share with our friends. For whatever reason playground games are a social social journey during our formative years.

What is this wiki about?

This a pilot for a project archiving playground games around the world. We hope to collect descriptions of games you played when you were in the playground at school, games that were taught to you by your parents or older children or game you and friends made up. If you are still at school tell us about the games you play.

By reading some of the games here you may be reminded of variations or other games you played. Feel free to add your memories. Like us you may be inspired by the work here

Latest activity

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Children in the schoolyard by Vlado

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